5 Various Ways To Do Humana Dental.

Humana dental can enable. But there are four major problems that are preventing the mass adaptation of VR and AR. And one is the headset or whether it's telepathic or contact lens or an implant, or the one thing that's acceptable to wear in your face. And this really has to be this form factor, not a shoe box,

that's one. Two is the space, the mapping of the space. So when I touch this chair, my finger hits the chair. Not an inch above, not an inch below. That's the mapping of the space. Three is how you interact. Like voice, yes, voice has gotten so much better, maybe that's the thing, gesture. It's no

longer keyboard and mouse or touch screen. That doesn't make any sense in VR. So there's that making that interaction as natural as our interaction is. So it's a lot of gestures and body language

that needs to be subtly caught. And then four, what is the content that passes, sorry, Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet has this rule when you pitch a product to him, has to pass the toothbrush test. Which means people have to use it once or hopefully twice a day. And so what is the content

that's gonna get people in to VR and AR in a way that they love it and need it the way you use toothbrush or more. That's at least six minutes a day of oral care you're following dental guidelines I

think, maybe it's more, I'm sorry. Flossing and the whole thing. Right, so what is that? And so those are for really hard problems and there's a lot of a lot of effort on it but it's gotten a lot better. But

given the tens of billions of dollars of

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